Our Work

Washington State LASER helps schools and districts remove barriers and create opportunities for students to thrive in high-impact NGSS-aligned science/STEM learning experiences. We meet school and district leaders where they are and co-create strategic approaches that attend to the Pillars of a healthy PK-12 STEM ecosystem.

This work largely occurs within and across nine Regional Alliances and aligns to three focus areas and three overarching Goals.

As a statewide network of science/STEM education leaders, we offer and participate in professional learning on issues of equity in science/STEM education and how to apply our learning to the system levers that enable equitable PK-12 STEM learning.

LASER 24-25 Focus Areas

  • Provide professional development for professional development facilitators and education leaders.
  • Engage administrators in instructional leadership for equitable implementation of Washington State Science Learning Standards/Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Strengthen K-12 science/STEM pathways by identifying the enabling conditions that are correlated with K-12 pathways that are equitable for elementary students and conditions specific to secondary students.
Team at work

The LASER Pillars

  • operations/infrastructure
  • student pathways
  • community/administrator engagement
  • assessment
  • curriculum and
  • instructional materials.