The LASER Framework for K-12 STEM Education:

The six pillars below constitute a framework for developing and sustaining impactful STEM education systems.

  • School/District Operations - Organizing, planning, and adapting systems and people for equitable STEM education.
  • Student Pathways - K-12 learning experiences that inspire and prepare all students for STEM-related careers and citizenship.
  • Community & Administrator Support and Engagement - Inclusive and equitable policies and practices that use diverse input from stakeholders within and beyond the district.
  • Assessment - A coherent, equitable system of tools and practices for students, teachers, and administrators to evaluate learning, learning materials, and learning experiences.
  • Curriculum - Research-based processes for selecting, developing, and implementing K-12 STEM curricula, including the ongoing development of professional knowledge and practices.
  • Instructional Materials Support - Sustainable, efficient, effective systems for funding and maintaining high-quality K-12 instructional materials.
Architectural pillars