Administrator & Community Engagement Tools

Tools and resources supporting inclusive and equitable policies and practices that use diverse input from stakeholders within and beyond the district.

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Building Equity in the Elementary Classroom Through NGSS Implementation with Principal-Teacher Teams

This professional learning experience and action planning session was designed for principal-teacher teams in order for them to consider leadership practices they can implement to identify barriers and determine strategies to dismantle inequitable structures, policies, and/or practices so that all students have equitable access to high-quality, NGSS-aligned science instruction and experiences.

Tool for Developing Cultural Proficiency of Leaders

This professional learning experience was designed to assist school and district leaders in identifying examples of points along the Cultural Proficiency Continuum in order to see these as opportunities for antiracist/equity-focused leadership action.

Community Conversation Protocol

This tool is designed for use by educational organizations to build community connections with regard to serving specific communities through equitable and effective STEM education experiences. This is a modular protocol for hosting conversations that can take place virtually or in person as voices of students, families and critical partners in the community are collected to evaluate perception, efficacy, and opportunities regarding STEM education in the community.

Additional Resources